Youth Speak

Don’t be indifferent, take a stand.

I don’t know whether it’s an age-old problem or is it something unique to my generation. We are in the era where we have the more amount of information than any generation ever had. Still, I see people struggling with life. We don’t want to own up things, we are scared about taking a stand. We are better-off in our own cells of illusion. The worst of all is, we are proud of all these characteristics of ours.

Be it a family problem, or a problem we are facing at the workplace or maybe some issues in the friend circle. We choose to stay indifferent. With indifference comes ignorance and with ignorance comes illusions. We are really happy the way we are but till when? Until we are hit by a catastrophe in our own life. As soon as that happens we start expecting from others the things which we have never done to others when they needed it.

This behavior has become so common that it is a new standard now. You know what, then we happily crib “aaj kal duniya aisi hi hai bhai”. I wonder what do you mean by ‘duniya’? Isn’t it we all collectively? Appaki duniya waisi hi hoti hai jaise aap hote ho. Be the type of person you want to meet.

You will keep making choices and you will expect everyone else to respect your choices. Be cautious when you are making choices. Make sure that you think about the greater good. Because when the time comes others will make their choices and those choices will not be in your favor. If you are not a good person at heart believe me no number of self-motivation videos can ever help you. You will keep doubting others.

Remember the story in the Mahabharata? Duryodhana found no good person in the village and Yudhishthira found no bad person in the same village. That’s about how we see the world. The world around you is more about your own mental model than the reality. Reality doesn’t exist in reality. Everything is relative. You will only see what you want to see.

Chalo bahot huva gyan. Let’s come to the point. We need to learn to take the stand. We need to learn to take decisions. Because when you take a decision you need to own it. When you start owning things you develop self-respect. When you have self-respect you start respecting others. When you respect others they start respecting you. When they start respecting you then you gain more confidence. When you gain more confidence you are less scared about taking decisions. When you are less scared about taking decisions you start helping others. When you start helping others you have added one good person in the society.

Iss duniya me itna dum kaha ke humse humari duniyadari chhin le.
Hum duinyadari bhi aisi karenge ki iss duniya ki duniya hi badal denge.

-Dinesh Rajput

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.