Youth Speak

She will bleed & so will you.

She dreamt of a fairytale,
But to a nightmare, she woke;
She’s got a meeting, God;
How will she face the bloke?
I know that you’re wondering,
Why they won’t let her near you;
Blood stains are old,
But these rituals are new.
She wanted to come,
And touch your feet;
This is a sin they said,
Do not repeat.
But duty couldn’t wait,
And ambition couldn’t die;
She was a woman,
Who wouldn’t stop and cry.
That little stain they said,
Has brought her shame;
To all this trauma,
Her birth was blamed.
Her touch was impure,
And so was she;
Wondering forever,
What is it like to be free?
Listen, oh people!
She works when she bleeds;
She is walking her path,
Not knowing where it leads.
She was walking down the lane,
Quite and sound;
You came midway,
And turned her round.
You could do anything,
You thought for a while;
She was just bleeding,
She wasn’t fragile.
You held her hair,
And dragged her down;
Weren’t you the one at the temple,
Giving away a frown?
She is impure you said,
Do not let her in;
When she went back,
You thought it to be your win.
She did not go back,
To sit and cry;
She went to the temple,
That has never asked her why.
She went to her workplace,
And fulfilled all needs;
She does that daily,
Also when she bleeds.
She wasn’t to be touched,
But you grabbed her arm;
You failed when she said,
“Not letting me in, has done no harm.”
With her tightened fist,
She gave you back;
It is not the strength,
But a mind that you lack.
“Do not enter the temple”,
She said, pleading;
Because now, Sir,
You too are bleeding.

-Sayali Wagle

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.