YFD Research Cell

A problem well-stated is a problem half solved. India being a developing country has its own set of problems. Our society faces many socio-economic challenges which cannot be solved by the efforts of any single stakeholder. We need a collective and manyfold approach to address these issues on a continuous basis. YFD Research Cell will focus on proper identification of these problems and respective causes.
We aim to undertake different qualitative and quantitative research projects to understand age-old challenges like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, income inequality, child labor, poor health and hygiene, social discrimination with the help of different primary and secondary research methods.
The group will consist of young researchers, academicians, and domain experts.  The group will also try to work with different government departments and agencies, as well as NGOs and academic organizations. The research papers/reports will be published in renowned journals and periodicals. We will also share these papers/reports with respective government bodies to help them in their decision making and implementation of different policies.
This complete work will be done on the voluntary basis and there will be no monetary rewards received from or paid to anyone. Interested researchers can write to us on contact@yfdindia.com.