Youth Meet 2016


It was great to have 76 members including 31 new ones at Youth Meet 2016.

The event started with an introduction round followed by a street play by some of our volunteers that portrayed the life of a college student and the confusions he deals with in everyday life. This was followed by a discussion on why we need to be socially active and a Q&A round for the new members.

Being socially active is a choice that will one day uplift the underdeveloped sections of the society. A choice that will one day bring about the change that each citizen is longing for. A choice of yours today, that will make you and me proud to be the children of India.

The event concluded on the high note of Vande Mataram, thus making the 67th Republic Day fruitful and made the atmosphere positive for us to socially gear up for the new year.

Thank you for your support!