Rain Water Harvesting


Every summer we complain about water cuts, we hear about wells drying up and bore-wells getting redundant. So after project Jal Sandhi- for creating awareness about the acute water problem confronting humanity-, we undertook our next activity, Rain Water Harvesting.

On this Saturday, 4th June 31 YFD members came together and jointly undertook a rainwater harvesting project. The aim was to increase the efficiency of water seepage into the ground and thus replenish groundwater.

We assembled in the morning near Mantri Park, NNP, Goregaon carrying various instruments like the phavdas, kudals, pahars and ghamelis. After a short trek of 20 mins over the mountain we reached the place where there are natural streams and small ponds, which were dug by some noble people some time back.

Over the period of years, these ponds had deposition of slit reducing their capacity hence cleaning was needed, thus making the percolation of water more efficient. Divided into functional groups we all started to clean these ponds and deepen them.

We also build dams piling medium size boulders over the streams so that the flow of water is restricted reducing the flow velocity and hence preventing runoff losses and help water percolate into the bed and contribute to the groundwater. It was a great learning experience.

We are grateful to all the members who contributed to this event. We appeal to all to continue to show equal or rather greater enthusiasm for our future activities as well.