Arth’Aware: Arth mean finance and Aware mean to get knowledge

It’s been 70 years of political freedom still the nation isn’t free from poverty. Financial literacy below the age of 35 years is just 32%.One of the answers to the pressing problem of poverty is enabling Financial Literacy of the population.

On this background, on 18th September 2016 Youth for Democracy made a humble beginning with Arth’Aware- a Financial Literacy Program for the Youth.

29 young minds experienced the concepts of

  • Financial planning
  • Financial system
  • Poverty
  • The debt trap- Why to plan your finances
  • How the money moves and
  • Why the bottom of the pyramid is so broad

The next step of the campaign is to apply this knowledge to facilitate financial inclusion of the poor. To make them understand the benefits of being a part of the mainstream financial system. To make them aware of the financial instruments available for them. It will be an on-field initiative to help the poor out of poverty.