About Us

Youth for Democracy (YFD) is a community of socially sensitive young minds. We work to establish a true democracy through socio-economic integration.

More than geography, it is the socio-economic disparity that has split our world. These socio-economic gaps are man made and we believe that man alone has to work towards bridging these gaps. No political order can be of any advantage unless the masses are well educated, well fed and well cared for.

On the basis of its ideology, we broadly categorize our work into

1. Education/Knowledge (ज्ञान/विद्या)

2. Entrepreneurship (उद्योग)

3. Service (सेवा)

We aim to work as a support system to the current education system in our country. We undertake various activities which are supplementary to current academic scenario. Skill orientation, financial literacy, concept-based learning are some of our flagship programs.

We believe that women and the young are the unexplored entrepreneurs. We undertake activities to encourage women and young entrepreneurs and support them with expert training programs. We have developed an e-commerce platform Swadeshi e-Mandai to give head start to their businesses.

Caring is feeling that has always helped humanity pass through tough times. Inspired to care and to share we work in for health, hygiene, the pressing environmental concerns and much more...........

We have a strong virtual presence with a firm base of ground work. We aspire to make a difference those who really need, through those who really care. We youngsters, being the building blocks of our world, dream to lend a hand to climb together. 

Together we can!!!

YFD Mission Statement

‘Sensitizing and engaging the youth for bridging the socioeconomic gaps in our society through knowledge, education, entrepreneurship, and service.’

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