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YFD Mission Statement

‘Sensitizing and engaging the youth for bridging the socioeconomic gaps in our society through knowledge, education, entrepreneurship, and service.’

YFD Youth Speak

The Imprint of Happiness: ‘NSS CAMP’

When you board a flight, you find yourself in a different world that gives you a complete view of clouds, – FREEDOM When you enter a classroom, you remember your good old school days, – THE CHILD IN YOU When you step into a dense forest you embrace the nature, – PRAISE THE CREATOR Ever […]

For every dark night, there is a brighter day!

All those who know me very well also know the fact that I too like millions of people in this world went through Depression. And yes, it was clinical Depression and not simply a phase of sadness we go through at different stages of life. I had my best year in college in 2016 and […]

Breathing the Carelessly Careful Way!

Civilization is an exclusive characteristic of mankind. The ever-evolving civilizations, energized by an innate human capacity to anticipate and plan, has elevated us from being cave dwellers to space dwellers. The world has been integrating  since the ages and today the integration has become so tightly knit that our social, economical and cultural interactions are […]

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Swadeshi e-Mandai

It is a unique indigenous online store by YFD which sells products made by Local Entrepreneurs, Women Self Help Groups and NGOs.

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Youth for Democracy

2 months 4 weeks ago

Social media highlights social issues better than the regular media? #The_Sarcastic_Me #Youth_Meet on this Republic Day..


Associated with the organization for quite some time now. Each activity planned undergoes a lot of thought process before it is actually conducted. This gives a clear idea of why the activity is being done. The best thing about YFD is clearly the fact that there is no certification backing it up. Volunteers who are keen to serve come and take part. A true example of Nishkama Karma i.e. selfless work.

Nandita Sulay

This is where we accept entire society as our family and work hard to make that family flourish. I feel great to be a part of such group.

Shubhankar Gore

YFD… Is really a helping hand towards the environment, the organization conducts such interesting activities and awareness towards our Mother Nature. Keep going👍 I am happy to be a part of YFD.

Sandhya Khushwaha

This organization is more like a family and does more than caring for nature and society well being. They do good and encourage to do good too. The title says it all! 

Mohit Dakhane

YFD represents the mentality of today’s youth which wants to bring a change by doing its contribution. I’m proud to be a part of YFD!

Supriya Dravid

YFD is an organization which sensitizes the young minds and utilizes young ideas and energy for social welfare and harmony. I like different concept based activities of YFD and try to participate in most of it. I hope YFD will expand its horizons in coming years and keep working for the society! Good luck team!

Madhura Soman

Proud to be a part of the organization. Really conscious regarding social awareness and a great help to society. God bless guys for future activities.

Omkar Gurav

It is amazing to work with such a trustworthy organization. I feel YFD truly serves the nation by nurturing and channelizing Youth Strength and its social-sensitiveness to work for the society.

Tanvi Sanzgiri

YFD has become a part of life now.. It’s like one of the basic necessities..😍😍

Anuya Chandratre

I must say this group is a great initiative for the youth. Youth for Democracy, for me at least is a platform where people can come together and share various ideas, and speak out what they think.

Swarangi Samant

An organization where genuine work is given the priority above all. An organization where Youth is engaged in productive work with a vision of working for the last element of society in first place. An organization which believes that change can be brought by resonant efforts of you, me and we all. Proud to be with such a dedicated team striving to work for the betterment of nation through small efforts.

Afterall, we are the carelessly careful youth of the largest Democracy of the world.

Shreyas Marathe

A group of socially active young people. A very genuine group to work with..

Dinesh Rajput

Youth collective of like minded socially sensitive enthusiasts.
A place for your inner entrepreneur, social worker, and activist.

Atharva Bhide

Proud of being a part of an organization that works genuinely for the cause. Does focused work. And which imbibed in me the confidence, “Yes!! We can bring about the change through the participation of each one.”

Gargi Joshi

A socially active platform for youth as the name suggests.. Youth. A platform where we interact with citizens. We just don’t talk.. we do

Kedar Phansalkar

Socially active youth’s group…
I m proud to be a part of YFD…

Jagdeesh Talekar

A place where we become a good human, citizen, friend and student. YFD has all it needs to create ideal citizens. Here, we try to reach out to all directions, trying to offer our sincere contribution to the society which gives us all we need. Our own way of thanksgiving! An effort outwards becomes a journey inwards, here at YFD.

Samruddhi Bhaid

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About us

Welcome to Youth for Democracy. YFD is a Mumbai based youth organization. The organization aims to bridge socioeconomic gaps in the society to help our nation to become a true democracy. YFD undertakes various social activities in the field of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship, and social service.

We aim to work as a support system to the current education system in our country. We undertake various activities which are supplementary to current academics like skill orientation, financial literacy, concept-based learning. We also work to include those who feel left out in the system.

On the entrepreneurship front, we focus on women entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship. We undertake activities to encourage women and young entrepreneurs and support them with expert training programs. We have developed an e-commerce platform Swadeshi e-Mandai to give head start to their business.

What we cannot cover with knowledge, education, and entrepreneurship need to be covered with service. Health, hygiene, and environmental concerns are addressed with help of service activities.

An idea called YFD!

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B 201, Sahajeevan Society, Perubaug, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
+91 74004 70003